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Laed in Soil

Around old houses that has lead based paint siding, soil are usually contaminated by lead based paint peeling or dusting

during removal in preparation for new coat of paint. We provide lead testing to ascertain the content of lead present in soil

for gardening or in children play area.

Lead in Dust (Wipe)

Lead content in dust around living area is also a concerns for children or toddler who put they hands into their mouth after playing on lead infested area. When dust is abundant enough to be collected into a pile. it could be tested as soil or paint. Dust on surface are sampled with special wipe the can used to wipe up dust in a known surface area and ascertain a lead per area.

Lead  in Air Filter

Lead in air filter is mostly concern with occupation hazards. WyEast provide lead testing for contractor who required to monitor lead in air while working in lead contaminated area. We could provide quick turn around time for urgent occasions.
LEAD Content  Lead is present in our environment in things such as paint ,soil ,dust and air. EPA has a web site that contains a wealth of information about lead in our environment and its health effects. Please follow the following link:  http://www2.epa.gov/lead  According US EPA , lead can affect almost every organ and system in your body. Children six years old and younger are most susceptible to the effects of lead.  WyEast analizes lead content for various concerns.   l
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Lead  in Paint

WyEast is NLLAP accredited to do lead paint.  Testing for the present of or the level of lead based paint before removal or demolition is prudent for the health reasons. Inhaling lead dust is a health hazard. We provide lead test for contractors who perform demolition for painting.